Instagram with more than 1 billion active users, is one of the most popular social media in the world. In these days, the world is running faster than before, videos and photos are the fastest forms of contents which are watched by users. Maybe this high speed is one of the main reasons of Instagram’s success as a social media. Here we have provided a simple guide on Instagram terms every person should know.
Same as all other social media, this one has a lot of idioms and keywords which learning about them really impresses and helps to improve your efficiency and performance on Instagram. In this article we explain about all the needed Instagram terms. All the mentioned following terms are the basic important phrases on Instagram which any user should know about.


Feed is the first page which you face it as soon as you enter the Instagram. Here’s the page you can see the recent posts and stories of accounts you have followed. In fact, Feed is shown on your home page. 


A page is the user account you have created. It is also known as a profile. The last tab on Instagram depicts your profile page. To visit the other user’s page, you just need to click on the ID name you have searched in advance and then you will be led to that certain page. 


The introduction text which is written below the profile photo is called Bio. In addition to text, you also can use the stickers. In case you have your website, add the address to the Bio as well. 


Username is the unique name which you choose for your account so that others can search it to find you on Instagram. 


Any new photo or video which you upload on Instagram is called a post. All your shared posts are available on your profile page, while the new post of people you are following are visible on your feed page. 


A caption is the written text below the photo or video of the post. Usually, the captions on Instagram are including a verse, a personal note or something like these, if the post includes some kind of advertisement, contact information, address or other data, they are going to be written on the caption part as well. You can use hashtags in the captions so that your posts will be found by other users on Instagram. You can learn how to use hashtag generator for a better application.


Follow means you are interested to pursue posts and actions of a special person (account) on Instagram. To have this you can go to his/her page and follow him/her. If you follow him/her and he/she accepts you, you can simply see all his/her shared posts and whenever he/she shares a new post you can find it on your home page. Moreover, by following different people you can see which post have they liked or commented. 
kylie Jenner's Instagram account


When you are following a specific page, you are one of its followers, while all the users who follow you are considered as your followers. 
Selena Gomez Instagram Page


When you follow other accounts, you can see them in your following section. This is same for other pages as well and this means users who have been followed by a page, are considered as its following. 


If you get bored of following someone on Instagram, you can unfollow him/her. To do this click on the button unfollow which is located at the same position as follow button on the bio.


If you want to hide all of your Instagram information (including the page data, your activities, etc.) from a specific person, and literally omit that person from your Instagram platform, you can simply block him/her. 
How to block someone on Instagram


When somebody disturbs you on Instagram, or when somebody is publishing some posts against Instagram defined terms and conditions including Insulting religions, individuals, sharing terrorism or sexual contents, etc. you can report him/her to Instagram. By reporting a user, you warn Instagram, this person has done some illegal activities in the platform and when the number of reporting increases, Instagram will block the page.
how to report someone on Instagram


In order to simplify counting the large numbers of followers and likes, Instagram presents the article “k” (which is meaning kilo). Each K on Instagram is equal to 1000 persons. So if you see a page has 10K followers, this means 10 thousand people have followed it. Instagram uses “M” which means million to show larger numbers. Mostly celebrities’ Instagram pages have these signs. 


Like on Instagram means you have liked a user’s post and want to show this. In this situation we take like action and to have this we should double tap on the post. A lot of likes for a post means generally it has gotten the audience’s attention. You also can like other user’s comments if you agree their opinion. To find out who has liked your post, you can go to the notification part or tap on likes below a post.


If you had liked a post or comment on Instagram but now you have changed your mind you can click on the red heart below the post to unlike it.


Comment means expressing your idea about something. Commenting below other user’s post is one of the available features of Instagram. To leave a comment tap the comment icon and write what you want to express. Furthermore, you can read other user’s comments and reply to give them your answer.

Turn off commenting

If you activate turn off commenting, your followers can not leave any comments below your posts. Of course you can turn off commenting for all of your posts and this is a practical way to prevent abuse and spam comments below your videos and photos. 
How to turn of commenting on Instagram


Notification means “informing about something”. On Instagram this word includes the activities which other users take for your posts and page. For example, when somebody likes your post or leaves a comment below your post, a notification will let you know about it. To see your recent notifications, see the third tab in application. 


If you want to call somebody on Instagram, you must mention him/her. Imagine you have a shared photo with one of your friends or you want to let somebody know about some post, in these cases you can mention them to inform about it. To mention somebody on Instagram you only need to add “@” before the ID name of the person you want. You can mention people in both caption and comment. 


Sometimes you are going to introduce people in the shared photos and tell the other users her/his ID name. In these cases, you can use tag option. To tag somebody, you just need to add “@” before the people Instagram ID name. 
How to tag someone on Instagram


Simply, hashtag is a label to categorize and share posts. By using hashtag, you can easily find all kind of different contents (video, photo, etc.) about a specific subject. Not only Hashtag is used on Instagram, but also it is used on face book, twitter and Pinterest as well. For example, if you want to see nature photos, search #nature and you can find a lot of photos related to this title. It is very easy to use hashtag; you only need to put a # sign before anything you want to write. You also can use them in different places such as comments or captions. 
Instagram Hashtags


Story is daily narration. It is one of the new features of Instagram which was run in 2017 and (soon) got a lot of fans in a short period of time. On stories you can share videos or photos which are available to watch for a while and they will be disappeared in 24 hours.  
It is not possible to like stories and only the owner of the page can see the left comments for each story. Same as likes you can see how many users and who has seen your stories. Instagram has provided interesting features for the story including editing photos and videos, surveys, etc. 
How to use Instagram story


“Live” on Instagram has the same function like other online media. You can share a live online video with no time limitation. All online users who are watching your live video can like you and leave some comments for you. All the comments are visible for other online users. In previous versions of Instagram, the live video was disappeared as soon as we stopped it, but in current version, it is possible to watch it in a couple of hours after it. 


Explorer is a page which displays the shared posts from the whole Instagram pages, weather you have followed them or not. The shown posts are chosen according to your previous activities on Instagram and are based on the algorithms (which are) prepared to observe your behavior on Instagram. The mentioned algorithm is not limited to your own activities and it also depends on your friends’ behavior too.
Instagram explore


Searching is one of the powerful abilities on Instagram and includes four section:
Instagram Search box
  1. Search top:
This part shows you your most searched pages
  1. Search people:
In this section you can find the pages of people and businesses by searching their name. When you are searching some name, Instagram shows you suggested pages which are similar to your searched page. 
  1. Search tags: 
In this part you can search the hashtags you have in mind and the posts include those hashtags will be displayed.
  1. Search places:
When the location of your device is on, you can search among different cities and countries and see all taken photos in the specific searched location.


A direct is a private message on Instagram. In fact, you can use direct message when you want to have a private chat with someone, so that others cannot see it. It is possible to have a chat group in direct section as well and direct section is the messenger of Instagram.  


You can archive your posts so that you can have access them whenever you want.  


It is not possible to save posts on your device directly, but it is possible to save the posts on Instagram. You can save your favorite posts and have access to them via your account.
Instagram save option


By this feature you can categorize the posts you have saved in different collections.


This platform is a part of Instagram which allows you to upload longer than one-minute videos! As you know videos on Instagram used to be not longer than one minute, but thanks to this platform personal users can upload videos up to 10 minutes and accounts with more than 10 K follower can upload one- hour videos. 
In fact, IGTV is the pioneer cable TVs and you will see the noises when you turn on them, then you can choose your favorite videos which are produced by users or celebrity users. “It’s the time to grow video contents. IGTV is developed for watching your long term videos” said the CEO of Instagram during the introduction of IGTV.
Well! We reviewed some terms which are related to Instagram application. In this part we are going to introduce expressions which are formed based on usages and used by people and not by Instagram.   

Business Profile 

Business Profile is dedicated for those who are seeking business targets on Instagram including all people who wants to make money by Instagram. By creating a business profile, you will have access to a variety of features to manage your profile page. These features can help you for more sale and money and ordinary users do not have access to these features. 

Instagram Bot

Instagram Bot is an application or software which can play your role by commenting, liking or following the users who may be interested to your page. This may increase the chance that they follow back and like you too and in this case you will have many more real followers. 

Follow Back

The action of following a user who has followed you is called follow back. 
Some frequent expressions which are used only for Instagram:
F4F= follow for follow
L$L= like for like
S4S=shout for shout
C4C= comment for comment
These are just some of the most important Instagram terms every person should know before using this powerful platform. Let us know if you have any question using each of these features. 

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