Instagram introduced its new Business Profile (i.e. Instagram business profile) in 2016. This feature was intended for businesses and would enable them to use it for commercial purposes on Instagram. So it was quite natural that users welcomed it pretty well.
But it’s not unlikely that you have not yet changed your Instagram account to an Instagram business profile. In this case, it is beneficial to read this guide. In this Article, we’ll tell you what an Instagram profile is doing, what are the applications for you, and how you can build your business profile on Instagram. (If you’re in a hurry to create your Instagram business account, just go to the last part of this article).

What Is an Instagram Business Profile?

Beyond anything, you need to know exactly what the Instagram business account is. To view private Instagram profiles you need to send a follow request. But Instagram business profiles are different from private profiles. As we said before, an Instagram business profile is an Instagram account for those who intend to use Instagram commercially. That is, all those who are looking to earn money from Instagram. By creating a business profile, you will have access to special features on your Page Manager. Features that can help you sell more and typical Instagram users do not have access.
Do not worry. Converting an Instagram account to a business account will not cost you anything, and it’s easy (and completely free). At the end of this article, we will provide you with the necessary training.

What Are the Special Features of an Instagram Business Profile?

Now that you are familiar with the general idea of a Business Profile, you surely ask what features will be given to you with such an account. So let’s look at the features and capabilities of Instagram business accounts.

1. Contact Button: (Button for Contacting You)

Undoubtedly, this is the best feature of business profiles, because it grants the most important need of a business, that is, the ability to communicate with customers. As you’ve probably noticed, with this feature you can create a call button on your Instagram page. This Contact button is displayed at the top of your profile and you can write the address, phone number and email associated with your business, so that the audience can easily find you.

Instagram business profile

If you intend to use a business account, be sure to use this feature as well. I even suggest posting this button to your users at the bottom of your posts.

2) Instagram Insights: (Analytics Tool for Posts and Audiences)

As a brand or business active on Instagram, you need to know your users and analyze their behavior. In addition, you need to know what feedback you receive from posts that you publish.
One of the best capabilities of business profiles is the ability to analyze page users. This means you will have access to detailed information about your Followers. This information includes age, gender, geographical location, online availability and etc.
Meanwhile, you will also be able to check the statistics for each of your posts. Of course, you should keep in mind that this analysis only includes posts after switching to a Business Profile. In the screenshots below, you can see the Analysis section (or Instagram Insights) of business accounts.

features of an Instagram business profile

3) The Possibility to Insert links on Instagram Story

Let’s first give a brief explanation of the story. An Instagram Story, as its name implies, allows you to state a story. A story narrated by a set of pictures and videos. An Instagram story has gained popularity from the beginning. Users like it and engage with it so much. On the other hand, businesses use this feature to introduce themselves and branding.
But the Instagram story has one limitation: Normally, you cannot insert links on it! Unless you have a business account. Of course, it should be noted that only business profiles that have more than 10,000 followers can use this feature.

4) Instagram Ads

Another feature of a Business Profile is the ease of creating an ad. That is, you can turn any Instagram page post into an advertisement (i.e. Promote it). Just click on the post you want to do and select Promote.

Instagram ads

Business Profile Limitations in Comparison to Personal Profiles

It is true that creating a business profile has many benefits for you. But there will be two limitations for you. Limitations that you will not encounter on personal accounts (i.e. Instagram regular accounts). To fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of business accounts, we decide to review these two very shortly:

1. You Cannot Put Business Accounts on Private Mode.

Personal profiles can be public or private. But it’s not possible to privatize a business account. Of course, a brand does not want to remain private, but wants to be seen more. But there are certain situations that a business may want to take Followers more strictly. In this case, we do not recommend using a profile business.

2. There Is no Possibility to Connect a Business Account to Several Facebook Accounts.

Business profiles can only be connected to one Facebook page, but personal profiles can be connected to multiple Facebook pages. So if your brand has several branches separated by different Facebook pages, you will feel the lack of this feature!

Do You Need an Instagram Business Profile?

Here are some of the benefits of an Instagram business account. But if you’re not sure whether you want to switch your personal profile into Business Profile, the following information will help you make this decision. Finally, if your decision is to create a business account, you will learn how to do this in the next section.

chart for comparison for two kinds of accounts

How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

Now that we’ve fully talked about an Instagram business account and you’ve come to know different parts of it, it’s time to teach you how to turn an Instagram into a business profile. By following the step-by-step guide, you can easily create an Instagram business account.

Note: To use a Business Profile, you must have a Facebook page and be an administrator (depends on your business type).

1. To begin with, log in to your Instagram account.
2. In the Account Settings section, select Switch to Business Profile.

How to create an Instagram business account?

3. In this section, you are asked to enter your Facebook account.

4. Once you identify your Facebook account, you will be able to access the Facebook pages that are managed by this account and you will need to select the Facebook page you want. Note that this page will now be linked to your Instagram account and cannot be linked to any other page. As we said, you should be the administrator of this Facebook page and you can only connect one page.
5. Then Instagram requires you to choose one of the contact information on your Facebook page, and show your customer service contact number, email address, or mailing address so your Instagram page displays the Contact. In this section, the selection of at least one of these cases is mandatory

Done! It’s just that you own a business profile now.

Last Word:

Once again we have to emphasize that if you are going to earn money through Instagram, make sure to turn your page into a business. A business profile provides you (and all other businesses and brands) with which you can find a better understanding of your audience, engage with them more, and provide different ways of contacting your customers.
Be careful not to make some harmful mistakes that jeopardize your business, to know the list for some Instagram mistakes read Three Instagram Marketing Mistakes that Threaten Your Business.


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