Did you know that more than one billion people are using Instagram today? Instagram is now used for a wide verity of small and medium sized businesses. This even includes companies working in property and real estate. For instance, if you are searching for real estate buyers agent, you can go to the ddpproperty.com.au website, and see how fast they are growing, and see how this Dream Design Property has excellent reviews. However, visiting websites is not the only options, and people use social media to check out the performances of those businesses. As a business person, what does that tell you? Well, without breaking it down so much, you can see the potential this has to offer as far as businesses are concerned and why you should consider having a vibrant account to tap into this potential. 

In this article, we shall be discussing some of the ways your small business can use Instagram and take advantage of the available features to increase your traffic and sales.

Open an Instagram business account

Of course, your business can’t benefit from Instagram or any other social media platform if you do not have an account. While you may have a personal account, opening a new one that’s dedicated towards your business is important or at least convert the person alone into a business account.

Develop an engaging Instagram strategy

To get the best out of Instagram, you will need to identify your target audience as this is the only way to be relevant. This calls for some research in order to know the audience demographics and understand the major part that relates to your client base. 

If you’ve been in business for a while, it’s clear who your main client is and this should be the beginning point for your strategy development. You can also conduct some research to understand what kind of an audience you have on other social media platforms. Identifying your audience will help you create engaging and effective content that’ll help drive traffic to your business’s landing page. 

As part of the Instagram strategy, you should also set clear goals and objectives which should be specific, attainable, measurable, and relevant. Also, make sure to track the performance metrics based on your defined goals.

Optimize your web link in bio

Instagram only has one link field and you should take advantage of this to advance your small business. If you’re not familiar with this, you should consider hiring an experienced social media manager to do it for you as it plays a very important role in increasing your audience traffic. 

Make sure to mention your link in the bio as part of your posts and also use the same link to direct traffic towards your landing page where your relevant and recent content has been posted linking to your essential product or service pages. Always use the link in bio to provide your most important business information just as you would on the profile.

Share quality content

Content is king and creating a visual identity for your brand is essential. If you’ve been on Instagram, you understand that visuals are the main element and as such creating a visual aesthetic will help put you in the path of vibrant engagement with your audience.  

Make sure to showcase your products and services or your company and the life of those who work with you. You can look out for inspirations from other brands and create content that limes with your products or services. 

It’s important to come up with themes and create a regular visual look. Make your themes easily recognizable by your audience whenever they come across them on Instagram feeds.

Geotag your posts

Geotagging your posts helps make them more visible to your audience thus giving you prominence. Normally, Instagram compiles posts tagged at specific locations and sorts them under recent and top posts which gives them visibility among your fans. 

Geotagging your posts is a good way to enhance brand awareness while helping potential buyers to research your business.

Pay close attention to captions

You want to grab the attention of your audience and the very first line in your caption can help you do this. The introduction will determine whether those who come across your posts will expand and read more or opt to scroll away. 

Make sure your caption has the keyword well captured to help people associate you with your brand.   Research your keywords and include your product names and brand as part of the caption. 

Increase the usage of your DM 

You don’t want to build a temporary following but a community that will act as your brand ambassadors in addition to buying from you. This process can be slow and taxing especially if you’re not skilled and have experience in vibrant social media campaigns. 

Engaging a reliable Instagram growth service can help you not only increase the number of followers but also turn them into customers. Use your DM to make your presence known. Respond to personal messages and make your followers feel important and valued. In short, actively engage your customers in a timely manner.


As you learn how to use Instagram for small businesses, it’s good to appreciate that all the social media platforms keep evolving and as such you should keep up-to-date with the new trends. Your relentless efforts are required when using Instagram for marketing but with the right approach, you’re guaranteed great results.  


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