Omegle is one of several popular video chat platforms that allow users to talk to other random people online. They use their webcams and thus can enjoy both video and voice. Moreover, you can discuss any topic. Omegle was one of the first resources of this kind. And, despite some trials and errors, it remains one of the default choices for anyone willing to chat online with a stranger. 

The launch of Omegle demonstrated the global interest in chatting online with random people. It was a new, unknown area. Sites like Omegle opened exciting chances to other developers. Plenty of services came soon, and their number increases regularly. They offer more functionality, more comfortable communication, games, streams, and many more to attract new visitors and lure the old Omegle video chat devotees. However, it is always only better for regular users. 

By this time, you’ll find dozens of services working in the same area as Omegle video calling, so let us consider some of them. 


A popular video chat allows you to communicate with people from 200+ countries, in different languages, in real-time. Besides the usual channels, you can launch private Omegle alternative chats with enhanced security to discuss sensitive topics. It is essential to note that the platform ensures your safety. And you can leave that area at any moment. 

CallMeChat requires the users to create accounts – this is one more feature to protect your communication. Users who breach the rules get banned immediately. Besides, this resource lets you search for potential chat companions as users can specify their interests and preferences. 

The additional feature similar to Omegle girls invites you to chat with ladies via text or through voice and video. CallMeChat applies more measures to encrypt your communication and prohibit any intrusions. It does not store any information from online conversations. So, if you are really concerned about your safety online, this place is one of the best options among the sites like Omegle to have a small talk or an interesting discussion. 


Monkey is a mobile-based resource that works both as the Omegle video chat and as a platform where you can also communicate with your friends. This mode allows you to meet new people based on the random match by the service itself. You can chat online with them using your webcam, in the same way as the leading resources as Omegle or Shagle do. 

You have freedom. It is possible to use your personal details, create a nickname, or stay anonymous. The service requires registration, and you can personalize your profile, add songs and videos, add new friends, and express yourself with short videos. The Monkey platform focuses on not just finding you a random companion to chat with. It wants to help you get a place where you can communicate with different people and have fun. 

Unlike Omegle, Monkey offers additional games and merchandise. Even celebrities visit the Monkey platform, so you can chat with them. 


Yubo is a free platform that focuses on helping you find friends. You are supposed to provide the information about what appeals to you, and the resource will offer you profiles of other users sharing the same interests. 

You can swipe the profiles left or right to reject or accept the suggestions (sounds familiar?). In case of mutual acceptance, Yubo can match you on Instagram or Snapchat. This integration with such popular services is one of the features making Yubo superior over the Omegle video chat which does not provide such a functionality. Besides, the partnership between Yubo and Snapchat allows you to use Snapchat Lenses, create filters, and share your looks with your counterparts. 

Yubo lets you find companions and make friends with people from your community. But it does not restrict geography. You can chat with a person from any country and have fun together, playing, watching YouTube, finding, and creating communities based on similar interests. Thus, if you are considering other sites like Omegle, Yubo is a really decent choice. 


ChatRandom is a free, simple, and appealing application that can replace the Omegle videos for you. It does exactly what the name claims: connects you with people worldwide on random principle and lets you chat with them using your webcam. One can choose to talk to an individual or participate in a group discussion. Besides, you can specify if you want to communicate with people of a specific gender (males or females). There are several thousands of users online at any moment. 

The ChatRandom app offers face filters that Omegle video calling does not support. Using such filters makes the conversation funnier, helps you break the ice, and also protects you by hiding your real face. You can chat with as many people as you wish and choose companions from any specific region or globally. 


It is impossible to talk about any alternatives to Omegle video chat without mentioning Chatroulette. This online chatting service lets you talk to strangers using your webcam in the same way as you could do on Omegle. It matches you with a companion randomly, but you can accept or reject that suggestion. Also, you can stop and leave the conversation at any moment if another person behaves inappropriately.

Chatroulette can filter the content and protect you from receiving any offensive materials. This is a huge advantage over the Omegle video chat which often has issues with its visitors’ safety against online abusive behavior. You need to have an account at Chatroulette and accept the Terms of Service to get into the platform and start chatting. 


The Internet has billions of resources, and sites like Omegle are common. New resources appear each day, and you might have already noticed how they are trying to overplay Omegle, offering you more fun, more comfort, and more personalization. The choice depends on you. There are alternatives to each Omegle feature, from the pairing principle to Omegle girls, so you can choose the best platform to communicate. Finally, why limit yourself to one platform only?