What is the Instamber Affiliate Program?

In Instamber affiliate marketing system, anyone can subscribe and help to sell the services and in return, by each purchase, customers can get commission. This is one of the most important ways to make money from the Internet and social networks like Instagram.

  • users using Instamber
  • $ avg. monthly earning
  • % lifetime commissions

How to Start Earning Money on Instamber?

  • First Step

    Sign up on Instamber, create an account, and get a dedicated link

  • Second Step

    Insert ads about Instamber on your websites and social networks to absorb customers

  • Third Step

    Attract customers and earn money for each purchase through your link

  • Last Step

    Your commission will be confirmed after 30 days in case of non-cancellation, and you will be paid monthly

Example: $1143 per month with Instamber affiliate program

Instamber affiliate marketing system can be a great source of income for teens, young people, housewives, webmasters, or anyone who wants to enjoy the pleasure of earning money at home or are considering creating a new source of income. In the table below, you can easily calculate the amount of commission you receive per purchase.

Type Comm. period Price Commis.
Monthly Basic Every MONTH $ 15 $ 3
Annual Basic EVERY YEAR $ 180 $ 36
Monthly Premium EVERY MONTH $ 40 $ 8
Annual Premium EVERY YEAR $ 480 $ 96
White Lable ONE TIME $ 5000 $ 1000
Total earnings per one month: $1143

OUR Benefits

Paying lifetime commission

Instamber affiliate program proves high efficiency due to the fact that our high conversion rate.

Instamber will pay you 20 percent commission for each monthly full price payment made by a user who purchases via your affiliate link.

High Conversion Rate

More than 50% of the users who subscribe in Instamber, decide to purchase within 72 hours.

given that Instamber provides 3 days freemium, users generally buy after the end of this period.

No Approval Process

There is no approval for registration. So you can start right now.

The only thing that you need is a free account on Instamber, then you can receive your own dedicated link.

Advertisement requirements

we have prepared whatever you need to create the best affiliate camp upon your considerations.

you can enhance your engagement rate with audiences through Instamber’s targeted banners and texts. Depending on your needs, you can use the various types of Instamber’s advertising packages available to you.

Expert User interface

our user interface (UI-UX) is our strength.

Based on users' statistics and surveys, Instamber is one of the best Instagram marketers.

Customer training

Instamber introduces the advantages of using its panel through videos and articles on a permanent basis.

we continuously train our users with valuable articles, case studies, tips and tricks in the field of Instagram marketing in order to help them become an expert Instagram marketer.

Quick answers

we pay 20 percent for each customer that buys via your link. And in case of any discount, the commission rate will reduce as well.

The commissions are paid once a month if the minimum sale reaches $ 150 monthly. Note that if Inspector finds self-referrals, there will be no payment.

Yes, you can use Instamber static banners. You can also change the color and size of the banners according to your considerations.

Affiliate links are permanent, so each time a referenced user purchases through your link, you will receive a commission.

Given that we are trying to prepare the best user experience for all our affiliate partners, we have a number of limitations:

- Using coupon sites without any coordination with the support team

- Clicking advertisements in search engines and social media without the coordination of the support team

- Use of inappropriate words like (discounts, trials, etc.)

- Self-referrals

- If any of the restricted activities are detected, the affiliate account will be permanently suspended and no commission will be paid.

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