Removing an image background can prepare a visual for further editing. For instance, you can use it as part of a new design or replace the background with a different one. It is also a great way to eliminate unnecessary details. 

Today, it’s possible to remove the background from a visual accurately without losing quality. Special smart tools automatically identify the background, isolate it from the foreground, and delete it. Read on to discover the best removal services you can work with!

Top 3 tools to delete image backgrounds online

1. Depositphotos Background Remover

This Depositphotos tool is a free background burner that allows you to process numerous images and get high-quality results in a couple of seconds. Go to and create a free account. You can do it manually or by logging in with the help of your Google or Facebook account. After that, you’ll be able to download results right after processing. Depositphotos Background Remover supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG images up to 15 MB in size. You can use editing brushes to erase and restore any picture details. 

The tool offers free downloads in standard quality and one free HD download per month. To save more backgroundless images in HD, you can purchase an affordable subscription or on-demand plan. 

2. Wondershare Pixcut

Wondershare Pixcut offers a set of image editing features, including background removal, watermark removal, and image enlargement. It allows you to delete an image background and replace it with a new one. Batch processing is also available. Wondershare Pixcut is free if you’re downloading results in standard quality. To download processed images in HD, you need to purchase a credit plan. The tool supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP images up to 15 MB in size. 

3. Magic Studio Background Eraser

Magic Studio Background Eraser doesn’t require registration. You just need to upload an image and get results in one click. The background removal process is unlimited and free, as long as you download the results in standard resolution. Subscribing to one of the available plans will allow you to download HD results. The tool supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG images. 

How to use online background removers

Although automated background removers differ in pricing conditions and additional functionality, the process of working with them is more or less similar. 

1. Pick a tool you like and register if necessary.

2. Upload a visual or drag and drop your file onto the page.

3. Specify some additional processing options if available.

4. Preview the result and edit it if necessary. Most of these tools come with basic editing options, such as brushes that erase or restore parts of a visual.

5. Download the result. 

Online tools are easy to figure out and quick to delete photo backgrounds. Most of them either provide free options or inexpensive subscription plans. They also often come with built-in editors that help polish results to make them more precise. However, you always need an internet connection to use them. Furthermore, while they are accessible from all electronic devices, it’s more convenient to use them on computers or laptops due to better visibility.

Top 3 high-quality mobile background removers

1. Picsart

Picsart allows you to delete and blur backgrounds and simply remove unnecessary objects from a visual. You can also place an image over a new background, cut out parts of a picture, make stickers from your own visuals or ones from the library, add text, and manipulate other things. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS. You can download the results for free with a watermark or remove the watermark by purchasing one of the premium plans. 

2. Pixelcut

Pixelcut is an AI-powered app that offers smart background removal. You can erase a background or cut out the main object with a swipe. You can also put a visual on a new background; add textures, gradients, stickers, and text; and adjust the colors in a picture. 

Pixelcut also offers a set of pre-made templates for various purposes: social media, ad banners, e-commerce, and others. The app runs on Android and iOS. It has a free trial; after that, you can purchase a yearly subscription.

3. InShot Background Eraser

InShot Background Eraser offers automatic and manual models for deleting backgrounds. You can cut and change the background, add stickers and outlines, cut out images, and more. The app is available for Android and iOS. 

If you’re looking for a free background remover app, InShot is a great option. Although it is less diverse than previously mentioned apps in terms of features and background processing, it’s free to download, and their basic features are free to use as well. InShot also offers in-app upgrades for the full experience. 

Downloadable apps can be more convenient than automatic online background removers, especially if you’re an avid traveler; you can run them from your phone or tablet from anywhere and without internet access. Some are free or require a one-time payment, which helps save costs. However, they aren’t the best options if you’re working with large image formats, e.g., preparing images for product catalogs, as it’s hard to spot missed details on small screens. 

To sum up

Nowadays, it’s possible to quickly delete an image background, even if you don’t have a powerful computer, an in-house designer, or editing skills. Plenty of simple yet efficient apps and tools deliver great results within minutes. You can choose the most convenient option and use it to quickly adjust a visual to your needs.


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