The influence of social media backlinks on SEO remains a hot discussion. It happens because SM links are nofollow and don’t pass authority to your page. So, social media link buildingdoesn’t affect your Google ranking directly. But it still matters for SEO. Moreover,89%of link builders say nofollow links influence search engine rankings. Why so?

When youchoose a reputable and trustworthy sellerof backlinks, the first advice they’ll give you is to make your link building look natural. One of the ways to achieve this is to mix dofollow and nofollow links from various sources. That’s where social networks come into play.

Social Media Backlinks FAQ:

First, let’s debunk some myths that surround social backlinking. For this, we’ve answered the most common questions:

Do social media links count as backlinks?

Backlink, by definition, is a link to your webpage from any other site. So, yes, social media links also count as backlinks. But, of course, not all backlinks are equal. How can you compare a mention in Forbes to the one on Facebook?

Are social media backlinks important for SEO?

Social media backlinks are nofollow links, but who said it’s bad? Most likely, you won’t get to the first page on Google using only SM links. Yet, they might be a great addition to your SEO strategy.

Besides, remember that each social network has its own algorithm that can help you reach new audiences. This way, you can increase your exposure, strengthen your brand, and get new leads.

Can social media links improve your Google rankings?

Let’s put it this way. Search engine algorithms understand that anyone can get social media links. That’s why Google doesn’t see them as something valuable. Yet, what search engines find important is a natural-looking and diverse backlink profile. And social media backlinks are great for diversity.

How to Build Social Media Links Effectively?

Now, you understand what social backlinking can and can’t do. And hopefully, you’ve decided whether you want to add it to your SEO strategy. Where do you start, then? Let’s check how to build social media backlinks for your website to boost traffic. For this, ask yourself the following 5 questions.

#1 Does your content provide value?

You all know that content is the king. And no matter how good your SEO expert is, bad content equals bad results. At the same time, the competition is huge. Social networks are full of brands promoting their products and services. That’s why93%of small businesses struggle with SM challenges.

But many professionals understand the importance of quality content. Around86%of marketers create content for link building. Whether it is your primary goal or not, try to make your writing more enjoyable, fun, and appealing. You can use infographics, memes, or gifs and embed social media posts or videos. Include links to pages that add more value to your content. And always keep in mind who your readers are.

#2 Would Your Audience Want to Share Your Content?

This is the question to ask yourself before publishing anything at all. First, learn who your audience is, and put yourself in their shoes. If you were them, would you share your content? Also, think about why people hit that share button for one piece of content and ignore another one. There are five main reasons why people share anything:

To define as a personality:

Who are they? A traveler, a lawyer, a yogi, a motivational coach, a mum of three, or all of those combined? If people feel something resonates with them, they are glad to share that.

To bring value to others:

People feel good about themselves when they help others. So, even sharing something on SM can bring satisfaction.

For the fulfillment:

On a subconscious level, every person wonders what others might think. How would it look if they shared that content? Does it make them look smart, interesting, or funny? Someone who identifies with your words will share your message with their audience.

Stay connected and preserve connections:

Do you know this feeling when someone disappears from social media for a week? If that person was active, you would wonder if something happened to them. So, users often post something to stay in touch with their community.

To support good causes:

Social media is a perfect place to find like-minded people. And if a project is worth it, it will find supporters and even fans.

#3 Did You Optimize Your Content?

Look at content optimization from two sides: keywords and engagement. As for the keywords, always integrate them according to your strategy. But remember that spamming is no good. The general advice is to keep your keyword density at around 1-3%. This means having one to three keywords per 100 words of copy.

Besides keywords, try to use powerful phrases that draw people’s attention. Our brain highlights many words more than others, such as ‘inspires,’ ‘you,’ ‘instantly,’ etc.

Another essential aspect of optimization is engagement. How do you make your content flow? Try to make your writing effortless. Don’t turn your blog into an academic essay. Alternate short sentences with longer ones for easier reading. And add some visuals, bullet points, quotes, or charts to separate content efficiently.

#4 Have You Considered Integrating PR Activities?

PR is a topic for a whole batch of other blogs. But at least consider connecting with journalists, bloggers, and influencers. It isn’t only about getting paid ads. Try to collaborate with them, and discover new formats.

Why wouldn’t you want to invite someone to your podcast, webinar, or live stream? This is a great way to showcase your expertise and create shareable content. You can post links to these events in advance to heat the interest and increase visibility. Your invitees will also promote the event to their audience on social media. As a bonus to your PR activity, you can get more backlinks.

No need to invite some stars. Find interesting and relevant people in the industry and contact them. Even if you have a ‘boring’ business, you have something to share. Let’s say you are a financial consultancy firm. Then, you can simply talk to one of your financial advisors abouthow to manage the debt. If you can provide some actionable advice, your audience will be grateful.

#5 Are You Getting Creative With the Platforms?

Depending on your business type, you’ll have a different set of social media. But in any case, don’t limit yourself to the old and good Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There are many other options. Have you considered creating a Discord channel or showing your expertise on Quora?

If you have a B2B business, you can’t ignore LinkedIn. It is a great way to build connections with relevant people in your niche and find potential prospects. Don’t be afraid to spread the word within your network. Using LinkedIn Videos topublish your contentcan boost your view rate by up to 28%.

Another great opportunity is sharing short-form video content on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. According to the research, short-form videos have the highest ROI of all SM marketing initiatives.


Even though many people underestimate social media link building, it serves multiple purposes. It diversifies your backlink profile, increases the website’s traffic, and builds connections. That’s why integrating social backlinking into your routine is worth a shot. Try implementing these five best practices, and the results won’t make you wait.


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