Among the availability of social media platforms, Instagram considers being king. It’s because Instagram is a universal platform where millions of people all over the world have an opportunity to communicate, and share their thoughts, photo and video content, etc. On the one hand, there are lots of options and positive moments since people may get acquainted with new people and get to know about recent events. But on the other hand, the use of Instagram threatens the safety of the user’s data. Nowadays, one may Google how easy it is to spy on Instagram, and they receive dozens of offers on how to do it. It can be some software, apps, or simple manipulations with smartphone settings. Having such threats, it is better to know how to secure oneself from the inappropriate activity of third parties toward your Instagram account. Here are some practical safety tips you might need to implement.

  1. Enable two-factor authentication

This step is obligatory since it will prevent the access of any third parties into your personal account on Instagram. Not all Instagram viewer websites cope with this obstacle when they try to reach the hidden information on the user’s profile. 

The primary aim of two-factor authentication is to secure the profile from password cracking and phishing. How does it work? When you try to enter your Instagram profile, the owner of the account (you) will have to enter not only your login details but also a special security code that will be sent to the mobile number linked to the account. This will help to decrease the possibility of illegal access of third parties to your confidential information. 

To enable this option, go to your profile and click on the icon with three stripes in the upper right corner. Click the following buttons: “Settings” – “Security” – “Two-factor authentication” and press the “Start” button at the end. 

  1. Control your activity

There are too many users who share on their social media platforms at almost every step. They highlight there many sides of their personal life. However, it is necessary to approach this activity with a cold mind. One should remember that social media platforms are open to everybody. So, everybody, including scammers, can view your profiles and all the critical information. Hence, it is recommended to control all the media content you add to your Instagram profile. It is better not to highlight the geolocation on photos and avoid highlighting other confidential data.

  1. Limit those who can look through your profile

This option will be effective for you if you are not a blogger and being famous is not your primary aim on Instagram. But it’s an effective way to secure your data from stuff like Instagram viewers. Such an approach will help to narrow down the number of people who may look through your profile and publications and contact you directly. 

Instagram, as a Meta product, offers a variety of privacy settings. For example, in the “Privacy” section, you can set restrictions on who can comment on your posts, tag you in photos, mention you, write direct messages to you, respond to your stories, post reactions, etc.

  1. Restrict the access of third-party applications

As was already said, it is possible to secure Instagram with security settings, etc. However, you may not be sure about the rest of your applications or active platforms. If you use other programs that somehow overlap in working with Instagram (for example, planners for auto-posting, audience analysis, etc.), then their developers often do not work out the issue of your data privacy, which may result in information leakage. That is why you may restrict the interconnectedness between your applications in the settings of your smartphone or other gadgets. Remember that this is crucial for your safety.

  1. Use VPN extensions 

We do hope that there is no necessity to explain the effectiveness of VPN services and their overall benefits. The recommendation to use a VPN while using Instagram is tightly connected to the appearance of targeted advertising that starts being too intrusively after some of your search requests or browsing any online store. It is recommended that active Instagram users use VPNs to secure their privacy and eliminate the majority of external threats. 

Final Words

So, if you use at least several of the mentioned above tips, you will be able to secure your data from undesirable access by any third parties. Nowadays, there are lots of spying software and applications to which unsecured smartphones and applications are vulnerable. Hence, it’s each user’s duty to follow the safety pieces of advice that gives on how not to get into trouble.